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Live CHat s Davem Mustainem

Komentáře: 0 • Autor: Extradrson • 10.10.06 - 07:19 Live CHat s Davem Mustainem
Bohužel z nedostatku času přinášíme jen anglický záznam chatu s D.M. z oficiálního webu Gigantour.com z 8.10.2006

Dave Mustaine of Megadeth
Sunday, Oct 8 - 5:00PM - 6:00PM EDT

Rockchickbabe: Hi Dave, how are you hon? We miss you
megaman: i am stoked!
megachic2: How are you feelin Dave?
megaman: like i said i am stoked = great
jeremy1985: hey dave, how different was Donnington from when you played there in 2005 to '88?
megaman: we were facing a different direction, the staging was different and the fans were insane this last time
Yuka: Hi, Dave! Welcome back to Japan! We all love you! See you at Loud Park in Makuhari!
megaman: i cant wait to come to japan, i look forward to all your smiling faces, and ramen shops, everything!!!
megathom: Hey Dave, why did you decide to play Washington's next live? Is it representative of United Abominations?
megaman: it is a song from the new record
markodeth: Dave, what did you think of Dark Angel back in the day?
megaman: i am not too familiar, but have considered them often for Gigantour.
Droogie: Hi Dave, is "Out on the Tiles" set to be the Japanese bonus track on UA?
megaman: it depends on how the record finishes, it could be the best song. i think it rocks!
Angryskeleton: I've read you've got a great chemistry with the Drovers, what about J Lo?
megaman: two nights ago i was finally able to let go of david ellefson. i had always compared everyone to him that followed him, but two nights ago, i realized that James is my new soul mate on bass guitar. i absolutely stand by him as my new best buddie!
debby: It has been such a long time since you where on the boards, we miss you, how are you doing?
megaman: i have been withdrawing to make gigantour a great thing. it was difficult this year, and i just let my management go over some stuff, but i still love them and i know megs will be stronger than ever next year
megachic2: Happy to see Liar on the setlist, will it be a regular addition?
megaman: for a while
Jaxijin: How is this Gigantour compared to the last one?
megaman: there have been some of the same challenges, and some new ones, but the fans have been the best and the bands all get along great!!!
verixStar: Do U ever think that GIGANTOUR would gonna be such a blast?
megaman: i had hope, and i am talking to my agent mike dewdney in the uk a bit about bringing gigantour to europe and the uk in april when the new record is released. and i want to talk to some of the bands from clash of the titans to do it with me
JayMorris88: Out of the two Gigantour tours you have done, which were your favorite bands to tour with?
megaman: i have love for all of the bands, even the ones you guys hate. they are all great people, and i want to use whatever pull i have left to give it to these new bands. i know some people think this is selling out, and i agree, i am selling out my knowledge to these new bands for free.
Zarathustra: "There are not more than five musical notes, yet the combination of these five give rise to more melodies than can ever be heard." Would you be so kind as to remove Sun Tzus' analogous efforts to elaborate on tactical variations and apply the quote literally to assess your creative possibilities and future career?
megaman: simplify your question and i will try you polyglot
jeremy1985: hey dave, will megadeth / gigantour be coming to the UK anytime soon?
megaman: i talked to my agent yesterday in the uk, and unless after the parting of ways between my former manager and i affect our relationship, i see no reason to question this fantastic agents ability to bring us to you. we talked about possibly april and then again later for festival. gigantour euro/uk will be prolly five bands and small venues to build our fan base
TheScorpionKing: Dave, what prompted you to insert Liar into the set starting in Tampa? I was there and it was awesome to hear live.
megaman: i heard the guys from LOG playing and there were a few notes that they weren't doing right, so i went in and tried to remember it myself, and thought i would do it as a gift to them since they obviously like it
P.Matei: What do you remember about colaboration with Lee Ving in punk/metal band MD.45 ?
megaman: i really look up to lee.
JayMorris88: I just have to say Dave, Thanks for the 2 dedications in Montreal, one for Cliff, it almost put me into tears, and your little speech about Dawson shootings.
megaman: i am sorry you feel it was a "little speech". my heart was so saddened when i heard that your fellow citizens were wounded or died, but then to be connected to it later. i got PISSED!
DethStorm: Hey Dave. What inspired you to put the old RIP classic Take No Prisoners back on the setlist? I think everyone is in great approval of that decision =]
megaman: you can thank the Drovers and James Lomenzo. they want the best for you fans
Craigadeth: Dave is there a specific date for the release for UA yet?
megaman: we are looking at march of 2007
djamior: Why is Rust in Peace the best metal album of all time?
megaman: i didn't know it was
carnis: Have you ever thought about playing an Axxion live? I noticed glen used one in NY. Or do you feel the V is more the megadeth-image... what we kinda expect?
megaman: i love the guitar, but glen is my favorite partner for many reasons and i gave them to him.
vman: Hey Dave, hockey question: you still a Coyotes fan, or have ya moved on to the Kings or Ducks since moving back to Cali?
megaman: i love all hockey
coolguy67: Dave, when will the United Abombinations tour be announced?
megaman: we are kinda looking at March of next year.
-blackmail-: would you consider gwar for gigantour?
megaman: i am not too familiar with them other than they have a great fan base and thats it.
Misty_Mustaine: Hi Dave, Do your wife and kids join you when you tour? I love you, by the way
megaman: they are all coming to Australia. We fortunately have reconciled and i love my family.
Zarathustra: "Out on the Tiles" - Should we expect your vocal interpretation to convey the level of sexuality present in the original, or did you opt to change the tone? In the same vein, should we expect the guitars to have a definite blues sound, or will they have the trademark Megadeth sound which is the quintessence of metal? Why did you choose to cover this song?
megaman: i dunno, i did it my way, and i dont know if i sound sexy at all.
brendan: hey dave! can us aussies expect a few surprises when g2 rolls into town?
megaman: we are so much tighter and better than last time!!!
megachic2: I am writing a paper about police corruption, any thoughts?
megaman: i doubt that they do. LOL!
megadethrules2512: Are you sad that Gigantour's almost over?
megaman: very
jeremy1985: hey dave, do you prefer to play indoor or outdoor shows (and why) ?
megaman: i like outdoors because there is no echo for you, the fans the have to ruin the sound.
hellion666: What's the secret for compoxing great riffs?
megaman: i dunno.
RawevillivewaR: How has the tour been up to this point for you?
megaman: great
Metaldier: What's the best and worst thing about touring?
megaman: making friendships and they all end at the end of the tour.
TheScorpionKing: Dave, Will there be a full world tour for U.A.?
megaman: yes
megachic2: Highlight of the tour?
megaman: its not over. ask me next time i chat
jordanderson: when you're writing a song like hangar 18 or holy wars, do you know that the song is gonna be huge or does it just feel like every other song?
megaman: i had no idea
jeremy1985: hey dave, what's the most challenging song to play LIVE and why?
megaman: kick the chair is and picking during tornado
hatesillynames: Dave, a question only you can answer.........who will win the world series?.........GO TIGERS!!!!!!!
megaman: i am happy for the tigers. the yankees have had tremendous success, and it good to see a city that is struggling with lay offs and what not to have a ray of hope. so i am pulling for detroit. that doesn't mean i think they will win. it means i am a fan of the detroit tigers for the playoff run to the world series.
debby: Hey Dave how are you doing after all these shows? still alive and kicking?
megaman: no. i am dead. der!
Jaxijin: How's the new album going? I'm really looking forward to getting my hands on it. The System Has Failed was fantastic!!
megaman: the songs are fun to play and the drovers encouraged me to make the set fierce, so they had the same good influence on the record.
verixStar: What are your feelings about the last concert in ARGENTINA ? wE REALLY enjoyed so much and still talking about it. You guys were great, please donÂ?t left 8 years to pass to come again ok?.
megaman: the DVD will be out soon. it is so beautiful, it is the best live DVD i have ever seen of anyone. you could put the mentors in the video over my face and it would look like an academy award movie.
Craigadeth: James kicks ass with you guys, I've never seen fingers move so fast!
megaman: thank you.
RawevillivewaR: Looking ahead, do you think the new album will help bring many younger fans to old school thrash?
megaman: of course
Beatriz: Before your show at Metalway Gernika last July you watched Baron Rojo, right? What do you think about them? They're a legend here.
megaman: i liked them
megadethrules2512: Are there going to be any new surprises for tonight's show at Orlando?
megaman: at the very end, i have asked all band members and crew from this years gigantour to come out on the stage so everyone can take a picture of everyone that makes this work.
verixStar: Is Michael Sarna going to work with Megadeth in future Proyects ?. I personally believe, He made a wonderfull job in "Of Mice and Man". and I think Argentina DVD also gonna be a blast!
megaman: if i dont cut his head off!
NORM: Whats your plans after Australia Dave? A well earned rest or more work?
megaman: vaca in oz with my wife and two kids, then do a party for Gears of War in Boston for Halloween, then finish the record starting Nov. 6th with Andy Sneap mixing it.
Metaldier: how do you warm up for a show?
megaman: i dont. ask the drovers
-blackmail-: How is the backstage chemistry on this tour? Are you guys still pulling pranks on one another etc?
megaman: that always happens
Rockchickbabe: any idea as to which bands you would like to bring over to the UK for Gigantour if it comes?
megaman: i told my agent i wanted Gigantour UK/Euro to be Megadeth, Anthrax, Testament, Exodus, and someone else.
cjones: What inspired u to pick out most of the bands on this years GIGANTOUR?
megaman: i liked them
DannHazlehurst: What do you consider the greatest gig of all time (by any band)?
megaman: i dont know
Inferno: Hey Dave, I have one of my odd questions as usual....I notice that you've been wearing a bullet belt now and again, is it one of yer original ones or did ya have to buy a new one?
megaman: new one, because i started training again and i like when i dont have a blowout over my waistband
Bezy: Are you happy that you were asked to have your songs put in Guitar Hero and Guitar Hero II? (Can't wait to play hangar 18 on #2!)
megaman: i am happy in general, i love talking to you guys, and i cant wait to see my family.
klssrfr: Any time to surf after the tour? :-)
megaman: back in cali? yes
megadethfanoverlord: i just wanted to say that Dave, your music saved my life at a time where i felt alone in the world thank you for the great music that helped me get through my tough times
megaman: last night, i actually for this first time felt like crying while i was singing in my darkest hour, because i felt like i was in that place again.
Fatal_Overkill: do you ever get nervous when your about to go onstage?
megaman: not really.
RawevillivewaR: Do you think your son will have better chances in the world of music because you are his father? I'm assuming he can shred pretty well by now.
megaman: he doesnt want to play music, although he does and he does it good, he has other plans.
megaholic: when will you be debuting the song... Gears of War?
megaman: at the party on halloween
megaman: i just wanted to say thank you all for your support, and i hope to meet all of you on the killing road.
megaman: have a great day, or evening.
megaman: Mustaine sez, GOODBYE DROOGIES!