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4-CD+DVD Box Set má více než 6 hodin toho nej z Megadeth. Rovněž obsahuje 33 dříve nevydaných audio a video skladeb.

Digitálně přehraný obsah tohoto boxu, vybral Dave osobně.

Megadeth Warchest:

Disc 1:

1.Killing Is My Business…And Business Is Good!
2.The Skull Beneath The Skin
3.Peace Sells
4.Wake Up Dead
5.Devils Island
6.Set The World Afire
7.Into The Lungs Of Hell
8.Anarchy/Problems [session take] *
9.Hook In Mouth
11.In My Darkest Hour
12.No More Mr. Nice Guy
13.“dark themes…” *
14.Holy Wars…The Punishment Due [Casey McMackin demo] *
15.Tornado Of Souls [demo] *
16.Five Magics [demo] *
17.Hangar 18

Disc 2:

1.“keeping score…” *
2.Symphony Of Destruction
3.Go To Hell - "Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey" Soundtrack
4.Foreclosure Of A Dream
5.Architecture Of Aggression [demo] ^
6.Skin O’ My Teeth [live at Alpine Valley, East Troy, WI 5/23/92]
7.High Speed Dirt [live at Alpine Valley, East Troy, WI 5/23/92]
8.Ashes In Your Mouth [live at the Cow Palace, S.F., CA 12/4/92]
9.Sweating Bullets [live at the Cow Palace, S.F., CA 12/4/92]
10.Breakpoint [session take] *
11.Angry Again
12.Train Of Consequences
13.Reckoning Day
14.New World Order
15.The Killing Road
16.Strange Ways
19.A Tout Le Monde

Disc 3:

2.Almost Honest
3.Use The Man
5.A Secret Place [live at Woodstock, NY 7/25/99]
7.One Thing ^
8.Duke Nukem
10.Crush ‘Em
11.Kill The King
12.Dread And The Fugitive Mind
13.Never Say Die
14.Moto Psycho
15.1000 Times Goodbye
16.Coming Home ^
17.Kick The Chair
18.Of Mice And Men

Disc Four:

Recorded live at Wembley Stadium, London, England 10/16/90
2.Wake Up Dead *
3.Hangar 18 *
4.Hook In Mouth *
5.The Skull Beneath The Skin *
6.The Conjuring *
7.In My Darkest Hour *
8.Lucretia *
9.Devils Island *
10.Take No Prisoners *
11.Peace Sells *
12.Black Friday *
13.It’s Electric *
14.Anarchy In The U.K. *

Disc 5 [DVD]:

Recorded live at Hammersmith Odeon, London, England 9/30/92

1.Intro/Holy Wars…The Punishment Due *
2.Wake Up Dead *
3.Hangar 18 *
4.Lucretia *
5.Sweating Bullets *
6.In My Darkest Hour *
7.Tornado Of Souls *
8.Ashes In Your Mouth *
9.Peace Sells *
10.Anarchy In The U.K. *

* dříve nevydáno ^ dříve nevydáno v U.S.A.