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Zmena kytaristy - Chris Broderick za Glena Drovera

Komentáře: 0 • Autor: Extradrson • 17.01.08 - 09:31 Zmena kytaristy - Chris Broderick za Glena Drovera
Pocatkem ledna 08 oznamuje Glen drover ochod z kapely. Zde si muzete precist Glenovy duvody k odchodu. V kostce - Glen pise, ze posledni dobou nebyl v kapele stastny a chce se ted vice venovate sve rodine (porad cestovani, nahravani, tour, videa blabla). Pise o tom, ze rozhodne nekonci s muzikou - ze je tohle jen prestavka pred necim novym.

Hello all!

I am aware of the rumors that I left Megadeth to focus on family life. My family life has always been my priority.
The truth is that near the end, I wasn't happy and wanted to spend more time with my family and also realizing that it’s time for me to move on to the next chapter in my musical career.
Obviously, I have not decided to stop playing music. Just a little break before getting into anything serious....
I have a lot of great memories playing all the shows, touring, recording and meeting all of you through the past 3 + years and I'm sorry for the bad news of my departure from the band.
Also, Welcome Chris Broderick into Megadeth. He's a good guy and a great player!

Take care and thanks so much for the great memories!


Novym clenem megadeth se stava [color=blue:f62dd7a38f]Chris Broderick[/color:f62dd7a38f]. KOuknete na jeho webovku s mnoha informacemi http://www.chrisbroderick.com/

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