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Gigantour pulls into Manchester next week

Komentáře: 0 • Autor: Adminmd • 15.08.05 - 18:13 Gigantour pulls into Manchester next week
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Megadeth mastermind Dave Mustaine's career should be dead, dead, dead. Mega-dead, even.

Over the course of the last three years, Mustaine suffered a "compressed radial nerve" in his left arm that led doctors to posit he would never play guitar again, forcing the dissolution of Megadeth after nearly two decades and several platinum records.

Then there was the endless ridicule over his unflattering appearance in Some Kind of Monster — the documentary about Metallica's unintentionally hilarious year of group therapy — as a jilted crybaby still whining about being unceremoniously fired as that band's lead guitarist... in 1983. (Mustaine swears he got screwed in editing.)

Finally, the controversialist became a born-again Christian, alienating the substantial evil music constituency in heavy metal.

So the metal press got out the old hammer and chisel, and began carving out the epitaph. But Mustaine wasn't ready to stay dead. After more than a year of painful physical therapy and relearning to play guitar, Mustaine returned with a vengeance, reconvening Megadeth and releasing The System Has Failed, hands down one of the best albums in the band's twenty year oeuvre, before embarking on a mostly sold out world tour to support it.

As a summer encore, Mustaine skipped the walking on water bit and pulled together Gigantour, the most diverse (and arguably best) heavy metal package tour on the road right now, which stops at the Verizon Wireless Center in Manchester on Saturday, Aug 20.

The tour features heavy hitters Fear Factory, Dream Theater, Megadeth and others alongside underground acts such as The Dillinger Escape Plan, Bobaflex and Symphony X.

Love him or hate him, it's difficult not to admire the thrash metal legend's perseverance and resilience. Seriously, cockroaches are looking at this guy now and making jokes about how he'll be the only thing left after nuclear Armageddon. Which is appropriate in a way, since the band's sophomore record Peace Sells¿But Who's Buying depicted just such a scenario.

"Maybe I'm too stubborn to quit," Mustaine mused in a recent telephone interview from the road. "Maybe I'm too obnoxious for anyone to say get out of here. My revenge is my success. I'm not one to waste a lot of time thinking, 'Oh, the world is out to get me.' If I sank down to a level where I was playing the victim, I would lose a lot of my appeal to my fans. There's a huge difference between a victim and a survivor, and the public at large understands that very well."

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